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Installation / Directions

Your Sofpool's patented design makes installation simple, quick and easy. One person can install a Sofpool in about one hour.
What you need to install your new Sofpool:
A level area of compacted ground
A regular and philips screwdriver
A garden hose
1. Sofpool Base
Select a level area of compacted ground. Clear all debris (rocks, etc.) If you choose, at this time you may lay down sand, a pool pad, or indoor/outdoor carpet as padding for the bottom of your Sofpool. (This is optional, but is recommended for premium installation.)
2. Unpacking and Placement
Remove your pool from its storage bag and unfold it on the area you have selected. Take care to place the pool so that the pump, intake, outlets, and ladder fastening pads are located where you want them.

3. Air Tube
Install the air tube underneath the white top rail of your pool. For best results, inflate the air tube approximately 1/3 full of air using the pump supplied. This will allow you to adjust the air tube as the pool fills with water. (After you the fill pool with water on step #8, you may finish filling the air tube while it is in place. This will give your pool a nice sturdy top rail.
4. Ladder
Assemble your ladder and fasten the bottom step to the two Velcro straps located on the pool floor.
5. Bulkhead Fittings
Install the two water through bulkhead fittings into the pool, and make sure the nut (female) portion of the fitting is on the outside of the pool wall along with the white washer. The male portion is on the inside wall of the pool.
6. Remove Wrinkles
Next, remove any wrinkles that may be in the pool floor. It may be helpful to add about one inch of water to the pool prior wrinkle removal. The weight of the water helps remove the wrinkles. Simply pull on the white dots, which are located on the lower portion of the pool seams.
7. Pump, Filter, and Skimmer
Now install the pool plumbing: "Pump & Filter" and the elephant skimmer.
8. Add Water
You are now ready to start filling your pool with water. Just add water and the pool builds itself.
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