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How "Tuff" is a Sofpool?
Emergency Containment Water Storage & Dipping Decontamination Sealed Sewage
Sofpools Are Being Used for Mammal Rescue and Rehab
Proud Sponsor of the Famous "Andre Pegues Alcohol Funny Car" Dragster!
Sofpools Are Being Used for Mammal Rescue and Rehab
Sofpools are so sturdy and durable that even dolphins and melon-headed whales can enjoy a day of fun in a Sofpool! Marine Mammal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers in Texas, Hawaii, South Carolina and Florida are currently using Sofpools for their mammals.
Why have they chosen the Sofpool over all other above ground pools on the market?
Easiest and quickest pool to install
Most sturdy construction and long-lasting vinyl fabric
Best portability available
Depth is perfect for the handlers to work in the pool with the mammals
Can be repeatedly filled with water, drained and refilled during mammal rehab exercises and medical testing
Pool does not have to be filled to capacity for pool to keep its shape
For more info go to www.tmmsn.org
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