Included Equip.
Optional Equip.
Trouble Shoot.
How "Tuff" is a Sofpool?
Emergency Containment Water Storage & Dipping Decontamination Sealed Sewage
Sofpools Are Being Used for Mammal Rescue and Rehab
Proud Sponsor of the Famous "Andre Pegues Alcohol Funny Car" Dragster!
Optional Equipment

Optional equipment for your Sofpool for added comfort and enjoyment!
Vinyl Protective & Cleaner
303 Vinyl Protectant is a must for all Sofpools. It will keep your pool looking like brand new and protect it from harsh environments and sun. Take care of your pool and enjoy it for many years.
E-Z Vac
Makes cleaning the bottom and sides of your pool effortless. Specifically designed to fit the shape of your Sofpool.
Super Efficient Heater
(Adds months to your swimming season and provides warmth for those cool evenings.)

Propane or natural gas heater installs onto you existing pump system. 100,000 BTU ouput.
In-Line Chlorinator
(Dispenses proper amount of chlorine to maintain your pool’s chemical balance.)

Includes a time clock, chlorine dispenser, brackets, and an easy mounting stand.
Sofpool Cover
An easy on, easy off cover for everyday and long-term use. Protects from the sun's rays, keeps out leaves and debris.
Sofpool Fountain
Sofpool fountains enhance the beauty of your pool.
Pool Light
Add a non-return light to your system.
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