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Trouble Shoot.
How "Tuff" is a Sofpool?
Emergency Containment Water Storage & Dipping Decontamination Sealed Sewage
Sofpools Are Being Used for Mammal Rescue and Rehab
Proud Sponsor of the Famous "Andre Pegues Alcohol Funny Car" Dragster!
How "Tuff" is the Sofpool?
This is what our pretend (“wanna be”) competition does not want you to see about the Sofpool. Some pool companies talk tough about durability, but Sofpool shows you durability and value that is unmatched in the industry.

(Please do not attempt! Standing on a Sofpool can cause serious injury from a fall.)
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Sofpool is constructed of a 64 mil. reinforced vinyl with a multi-directional woven fabric (same materials found in racing and NASCAR type tires).
Anything but a Sofpool would spill its water immediately!

Sofpool does not require air to hold its shape. The replaceable air ring is designed to add another dimension of fun to your Sofpool.
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